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Soil Organic Matter

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Coverage of soil organic matter since July 31, 2020.

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Building The Productivity of Soils

"..."Microbial activity is enhanced, nutrient supply power and recycling is increased. From the water standpoint, water use efficiency is improved, water storage and conservation is improved by increasing that soil humus. That soil organic matter content, and also on the surface of the soil maintaining that surface protective residue cover is very important in reducing evaporation, protecting that soil from wind and water erosion..."

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Study: Most farmers see benefit of cover crops

"...In total, the survey collected responses from 731 farmers, which 520 grew cover crops in 2020 and 211 did not grow a cover crop in 2020. Of the 520 respondents that grew cover crops, 91 percent observed benefits from using cover crops; 68 percent of farms saw improved soil health, 59 percent observed less soil erosion, and 57 percent reported seeing increased soil organic matter..."

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Elevated warming, ozone have detrimental effects on plant roots, promote soil carbon loss

"...Two factors that play a key role in climate change - increased climate warming and elevated ozone levels - appear to have detrimental effects on soybean plant roots, their relationship with symbiotic microorganisms in the soil and the ways the plants sequester carbon..."

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McCain Foods moves toward regenerative agriculture practices

"...He said his family has been using forms of regenerative agriculture — like cover crops and an anaerobic digester — for years and sees the benefits. “We are going to do the best we can and do the right thing within our means. “I think the right thing is to create as healthy soils as we can, to produce the healthiest crop that we can, to sell the healthiest food that we can, that's what drives us..."

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Manure improves soil and microbe community

"..."We know that planting perennial grasslands for cattle production can help protect and restore soil in semi-arid lands that are likely to erode and degrade from intense farming," Slaughter says. "But producers need additional ways to increase soil carbon and nutrient stores. "..."

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Uncovering how grasslands changed our climate

"...Grasslands are the most extensive terrestrial biome on Earth and are critically important for animal forage, biodiversity, and ecosystem services. They absorb and release carbon dioxide (CO2), and emit methane (CH4) from grazing livestock and nitrous oxide (N2O) from soils, especially when manure or mineral fertilizers are introduced. Little is known, however, about how the fluxes of these three greenhouse gases from managed and natural grasslands worldwide have contributed to climate change in the past, and about the role of managed pastures versus natural or very sparsely grazed grasslands..."

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Cornwall aims to keep 50 per cent of all organics out of landfill by 2025

"...“Regenerative agriculture reverses climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity. This results in both carbon drawdown and improvements in the water cycle,” said Goodwin..."

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New way of analyzing soil organic matter will help predict climate change

"...A study by scientists from Iowa State University and Baylor University, published in the academic journal Nature Geoscience, used an archive of data on soils from a wide range of environments across North America -- including tundra, tropical rainforests, deserts and prairies -- to find patterns to better understand the formation of soil organic matter, which is mostly composed of residues left by dead plants and microorganisms..."

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New meta-analysis finds Bt crops have no impact on soil biota

"...“The ongoing debate about the ecological effects of Bt crops calls for thorough reviews about the impact on soil biodiversity and their ecosystem services,” the authors write. “Non-target soil invertebrates are particularly recognized for their contribution to plant nutrient availability and turnover of organic matter and it is therefore relevant to protect these invertebrate taxa. ”..."

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Cover crops are unsung heroes when it comes to weed prevention

"...Whether you are managing a backyard vegetable garden or a large scale farm, fall cover cropping is a terrific way to provide competition against winter annuals, increase soil organic matter, and prevent soil compaction and erosion; it can even fix nitrogen to give next year’s summer crop an added boost!..."

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Warming threat to tropical forests risks release of carbon from soil

"...Billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide risk being lost into the atmosphere due to tropical forest soils being significantly more sensitive to climate change than previously thought..."

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FOREST INK: Methods to maximize the use of forest residual material

"...A research article covering harvesting practices in some northern U. S. may be helpful..."

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Recent episodes that mention soil organic matter.

RealAg Radio, Feb 1: Soil organic matter, SWAT maps, soybeans, and strip-tilling

Duration: 55:04

"...Is today Monday? We had to check the calendar for that fact and indeed, it is Monday, which means all things agronomy on this episode of RealAg Radio..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about soil organic matter.

Soil Health in South Carolina: Lessons Learned from 8 years of Regenerative Agriculture

"...Benefits he has found include increased soil organic matter, reduced weed pressure and a robust nutrient cycle that has allowed him to reduce fertilizer use..."

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Linking Soil Biology to Soil Health: Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton Webinar Series, Episode 2

"...When these soil organism functional groups are in balance and working together, they contribute to ecosystem resiliency that allows the ecosystem to bounce back after a disturbance like a flood or drought as well as resist the negative impacts of these disturbances..."

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Biodynamic Agriculture: Farming in Service of Life | Kiss the Ground

"...A few voices of Biodynamic Agriculture share their view of the beautiful harmonies that exist within nature and how following Biodynamic practices can heal the land, influence our food systems and, in turn, nourish our health..."

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Dr. Jerry Hatfield: What Soil Health Means to a Producer and Why They Should Care

"...Soil Health: The Foundation for Regenerative Agriculture advanced the opportunity to address climate change, water quality, food production, biodiversity, and many other pressing issues by improving soil health..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about soil organic matter relevant to the latest news.

The impacts of agricultural and urban land-use changes on plant and bird biodiversity in Costa Rica (1986?2014)

"...Our results confirm that deforestation has been reversed and most of the biodiversity considered is housed in forestland, but also that the expansion of export monocultures and urban sprawl have fragmented and isolated these tropical forests..."

related research

Crop rotation reduces the frequency of anaerobic soil bacteria in Red Latosol of Brazil

"...The changes prompted by crop succession have implications for efficient soil organic matter decomposition, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, higher root activity, and overall soil productivity, which compromise to agriculture sustainability..."

related research

Soil quality assessment using erosion-sensitive indices and fuzzy membership under different cropping systems on a Ferralsol in

"...Soil properties such as bulk density, micro-, macro- and total porosity, aggregates stability, laboratorial soil fertility properties, and soil organic matter content were selected as MDS of physical and chemical properties, being used to compute two soil quality indices: 1) Integrated Quality Index (IQI), and 2) Nemoro Quality Index (NQI)..."

related research

Understanding and Monitoring Chemical and Biological Soil Degradation

"...The aspects of chemical degradation, such as pollution, acidification, salinization, nutrient depletion and eutrophication are characterized shortly; for biological degradation, harm to soil microbiota and biodiversity, and soil organic matter depletion are considered..."

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Soil properties, grassland management, and landscape diversity drive the assembly of earthworm communities in temperate grasslan

"...Regarding grassland management, the increase in the livestock unit was the most damaging factor for earthworm communities, in particular for the anecic earthworm biomass and endogeic species richness..."

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Responses of aggregates and associated soil available phosphorus, and soil organic matter in different slope aspects, to seasona

"...Freeze-thaw is an important factor that affects soil aggregate size and integrity in mid-high latitudes or mountainous regions, which in turn impacts soil erosion..."

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Organic manure induced soil food web of microbes and nematodes drive soil organic matter under jackfruit planting

"...After 4 years application of organic manure under field conditions, there was higher soil organic matter (SOM), microbial biomass carbon (MBC), nematode diversity and jackfruit yield..."

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Spatial variability and potential controls of soil organic matter in the Eastern Dongting Lake Plain in southern China

"...Purpose Information related to spatial distribution and dominants of soil organic matter (SOM) is critical for evaluating soil quality and assessing the carbon sequestration capacity, which play essential role in soil management and climate change mitigation..."

related research

Fertility Decline in Arable Chernozem and Chestnut Soils in Volga Steppes Versus Their Virgin Analogues

"...Soil types on cropland in the Volga dry steppe area were studied for changes in agrochemical properties due to long-term crop production compared to their virgin analogues (long-term non-fertilised grassland and rangeland)..."

related research

Changes in Key Physical Soil Properties of Post-pyrogenic Forest Ecosystems: a Case Study of Catastrophic Fires in Russian Sub-

"...Further, deeper interdisciplinary research is needed to determine soil quality and degradation risks in fire-prone forest ecosystems..."

related research

Comparative effects of composted organic waste and inorganic fertilizer on nitrate leachate from the farm soils of northern Guam

"...The purpose of this study was to quantify the release of nitrate into vadose zone as well as the nitrogen-holding capacity of compost applied on calcareous soils of northern Guam amended with both inorganic fertilizer and composted organic waste, to examine potentially adverse effect of these nutrient materials to groundwater quality..."

related research

Soil contamination and plant accumulation characteristics of toxic metals and metalloid in farmland soil?food crop system in Qi

"...There was slight Hg pollution in 2 samples of Lanzhou lily (Lilium davidii), and 1 sample of radish (Raphanus sativus), Chinese cabbage (Brassica pekinensis), and welsh onions (Allium fistulosum) due to Hg?s strong bio-accumulation, but there was no risk to human health..."

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