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Coverage of sustainable management since May 12, 2022.

Federal Fisheries Department doing a poor job of monitoring fishing industry: report

"...A new report slams the federal Fisheries Department for failing to properly monitor Canada's commercial fishing industry..."


Nanwakolas Council, WFP announce ‘Landmark' forestry agreement

"...“Tlowitsis, We Wai Kai, Wei Wai Kum and K’ómoks, who share significant areas of their respective territories, have been stewards of their forests for millennia. Na̲nwak̲olas Council assisted the four Nations in concluding the Agreement. This is a good day for everyone on Vancouver Island and the central coast,” said Dallas Smith, president, Na̲nwak̲olas Council..."


Alberta agency funds local research projects to advance farming techniques

"...Bergstra said the funding granted from Alberta Innovates will allow his firm to conduct larger-scale field trials. “I am pleased to see Alberta Innovates support these cutting-edge projects. This funding will help Alberta agriculture continue to be a significant driving force for our economy and allow our producers to continue to provide high-quality agricultural products,” RJ Siguardon, minister of agriculture and irrigation, said in a media release..."


Stage 1 water restrictions to begin July 1 in Port Alberni

"...Port Alberni, like many other municipalities on Vancouver Island and throughout B. C. , will maintain summer watering restrictions to curb excessive water consumption during the hot summer months, said John Stephen, utilities superintendent for the citys engineering and public works department..."


Local retailers stocking up on bait for the salmon fishing season

"...If you bought a new tidal fishing licence this year, you may be selected by Department of Fisheries and Oceans for the Internet recreational effort and catch reporting program. Since I did not fish for salmon in May, I simply reported no catches during the month but will go out later in the fall; survey sent in and completed. If you are selected, reports have to be sent in by June 19..."


Province announces more funding for Manitoba lake and watershed protection

"...“Water is a precious resource and we all need to work together to ensure we make every drop count,” said Klein in a statement. “We are making investments in initiatives that enhance protections for Lake Winnipeg and our watersheds, helping ensure the sustainable management of our valuable water resources, now and for future generations. ”Story continues below advertisement..."


Yukon government is seeking input on Forest Resources Act

"...Energy, Mines and Resources Minister John Streicker said proposed changes to the Forest Resources Act and Regulation are an opportunity for the government and First Nations to “continue working together on the sustainable management of natural resources. ” (Jim Elliot/Yukon News)..."


Young peoples leadership, drive for justice, the best signals of hope that biodiversity loss can be halted

"...Climate and EnvironmentSecretary-General Antnio Guterres on Tuesday denounced the existing global financial system as morally bankrupt and called on youth leaders gathered for a UN summit in Montreal, Canada,to push for justice so that all countries, especially in the developing world, have the tools needed to curb biodiversity loss and restore the balance between humans and nature..."


B.C. wants First Nations consensus before old growth logging deferred on shared lands

"...Instead, there was an “unspoken expectation” from the province that consensus among nations with overlapping territories was needed, she said. The B. C..."


B.C. wants First Nations to agree before old-growth logging deferred on shared lands

"...The B. C. government announced last fall that an independent panel of ecologists and forestry experts had mapped 2..."


5 things you should know about the UN Ocean Conference, a chance to save the planets largest ecosystem

"...The event is designed to provide a space for the international community to push for the adoption of innovative, science-based solutions for the sustainable management of the oceans, including combating water acidification, pollution, illegal fishing and loss of habitats and biodiversity..."


UN spotlights plant health, crucial for boosting food security worldwide

"...Climate changeand human activities are also altering ecosystems and damaging biodiversity while creating new niches for pests to thrive in. ..."


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Recent episodes that mention sustainable management.

A quest for sustainable management practices

Duration: 13:41

"...Wood-Bohm and Associates offer strategic consulting services to industry and government in the areas of science based innovations..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sustainable management.

"Creating A Viable Future Through Sustainable Resource Economies"

"...With about 37 percent of all forestland in the states of California, Oregon, and Washington privately owned, creating economic models for forest conservation by private landowners that works is changing the game there..."


How recognising cultural practices in environmental regulation can help protect natural resources...

"...How recognising cultural practices in environmental regulation can help protect natural resources. ..."


Science at-sea from coast to coast to coast

"...From coast to coast to coast, our scientists are at-sea collecting the information needed for safe navigation and the sustainable management of our aquatic ecosystems and resources..."


Introduction to Ocean Governance: A focus on the UK Environment

"...This webinar provides an introduction to Ocean Governance: the bringing together of regulations, policies, actions and actors (states and non-government organisations) in the context of sustainable management..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sustainable management relevant to the latest news.

Evaluation of water-energy-food-environment-agricultural economic growth nexus integrated approach to achieve sustainable produ

"...Therefore, this approach, due to the simultaneous integration of two concepts of sustainable development in the agricultural sector, can overcome the weakness of the WEF nexus in not paying attention to the issues of environmental pollution affected by the use of chemical inputs and the weakness of separating pollution-agricultural growth in not paying attention to the management of water and energy resources in the agricultural sector..."


The role of illegal fishing on the sustainability of the coastal fishery in French Guiana

"...In order to promote a more sustainable management of marine biodiversity, ecosystems and fisheries, numerous experts recommend implementing an Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management (EBFM)..."


Life cycle assessment and techno-economic analysis of sustainable bioenergy production: a review

"...We discuss life cycle assessment in terms of concepts, methods, impacts, greenhouse gases, land use, water consumption, bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, and techno-economic analysis..."


Synergizing trade and sustainability: advancing SDG 14 through international trade dynamics

"...A principal challenge identified is the tension between economic growth driven by international trade and the sustainability of marine ecosystems, exacerbated by practices such as overfishing and pollution from maritime transport..."


Nexus of household livelihood dependence and conservation approach to wetlands: a study of North Himalayan wetland in India

"...Since antiquity it has been seen that the wetland ecosystem not only contributes a considerable proportion of welfare to the local people in terms of food, fuel wood, timber, drinking water, irrigation water, etc..."


A national-scale assessment of land use change in peatlands between 1989 and 2020 using Landsat data and Google Earth Engine?a

"...Ireland needs to meet its 2030 climate energy framework targets related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from land use, land use change and forestry, including wetlands..."


Prioritizing weeds for biological control development in the western USA: adaptation of the Biological Control Target Selection

"...Nonnative invasive plants (weeds) negatively impact native biodiversity, ecosystem services, agriculture, and the economic interests and health of humans..."


Sustainable Management of Food Waste in Saudi Arabia

"...The potential environmental impacts of food waste and its treatment techniques have also been highlighted to identify gaps and hotspots in food waste management..."


Hydrochemical assessment of groundwater using multivariate statistical methods and water quality indices (WQIs)

"...Groundwater quality assessment is crucial for the sustainable management of water resources in arid regions, where groundwater is the primary source of water supply and increasing demand raises concerns..."


Global Research Progress on Municipal Waste and Future Prospect Based on the Cross-national Comparisons

"...The results indicated that current major research themes encompass waste classification and recycling, waste management and public behavior, waste disposal methods and technologies, as well as environmental impact and evaluation..."


Perceived Status Of Ecosystem Services Emanating From A Forest Reserve: Evidence From Atewa Range Forest Reserve In Ghana

"...Forest ecosystem services play an integral part in the realization of global sustainable development goals due to their potential contribution to climate change mitigation and forest-based livelihoods in marginalized rural parts of the world..."