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Sustainable Management

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Coverage of sustainable management since April 20, 2021.

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No one can put a price on nature, but we ignore its value at our peril

"...That’s billion, with a “b. ” From flood and drought mitigation to carbon storage to water purification and protection from sea-level rise, wetlands deliver important infrastructure functions, naturally. But the worth of these important ecosystems fails to hit provincial and municipal balance sheets..."

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Indigenous leaders concerned over B.C.'s process for old-growth logging deferrals

"...The clouds move among the old growth forest in the Fairy Creek logging area near Port Renfrew, B. C. on October 5, 2021..."

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B.C. announces plans to defer old-growth logging across 26,000 square kilometres

"...After that, old-growth forests identified as being at risk would either remain off limits for logging or be included in new, more sustainable management plans..."

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Lower North Thompson Community Forest reports $240K going towards supporting local communities

"...The LNTCFS represents the communities of the Lower North Thompson Valley, from McLure to Little Fort, and east to Agate Bay. This non-profit business aims to secure local control of forest resources and supports opportunities for long-term sustainable management and stewardship of local forest ecosystems. Throughout the past 18 years the LNTCFS has provided an array of economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits to the local rural and indigenous communities which it serves..."

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Province to take stock of fisheries on lakes Manitoba, Winnipegosis

"...“The sustainable management of our fisheries is based on the collection and analysis of fisheries data, and adapting management to be reflective of the status of fish populations,” he said. “Manitoba continues to improve sustainability of commercial fisheries and advance efforts toward eco-certification to ensure Manitoba fish products maintain access to markets. ”..."

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Montreal mayor, McGill professor among the top 16 'green' professionals

"..."Montréal is well on its way to becoming Canada’s sustainable, resilient, and biodiverse haven," reads the Clean50 appraisal of the mayor. :Under Mayor Plante’s leadership, Montréal adopted a Climate Plan that sets out a clear roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and an ambitious 55 per cent reduction of GHG emissions beneath 1990 levels by 2030. "..."

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U of O researchers work towards improving membrane distillation techniques in order to make clean drinking water more accessible

"...According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas by 2030. Chamani added,  “with a large percentage of the Earth’s hydrosphere consisting of saline water—more than 97 per cent—there is significant potential in obtaining fresh water from saline water by removing its salts and minerals via the process of desalination. Desalination can help achieve the sixth goal of the United Nations on ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all..."

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Fundingsupports cow-calf producers in protecting surface water

"...The Farm Stewardship Program provides Saskatchewan producers funding to implement BMPs in three priority areas ‑ water quality, climate change and biodiversity. The new BMP will encourage beef producers to implement surface water protection on cow-calf operations..."

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B.C. creates technical panel to steer old-growth management

"...With a directive of using the best science available, the five-member panel is expected to advise the province on the management of old-growth forests, identify old-growth ecosystems and prioritize areas for deferral from logging..."

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Governments Provide Livestock Producers With Funding Options To Address Dry Conditions On Pasture

"...“Safe and reliable water sources are critical for livestock producers during dry conditions,” said Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau. “Through this cost-shared program, livestock producers can access funding to protect valuable ground water sources and adopt sustainable management practices. With the emerging risks posed by climate change, these farmer support programs are more important than ever..."

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Conserving coastal seaweed: a must have for migrating sea birds

"...In the first study of its kind, UniSA researchers show that beach-cast seaweed provides shelter, and a range of microclimates, in addition to food, that ensure the survival of many shore-bird species..."

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Central African forests are unequally vulnerable to global change

"...Central Africa is home to the world's second-largest area of dense tropical rainforest. This major reservoir of biodiversity stretches out over five main countries: Cameroon, Gabon, the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. It provides numerous ecosystem services, such as regulating exchange cycles between the earth and the atmosphere, and helps to ensure food supply for local populations..."

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Recent episodes that mention sustainable management.

A quest for sustainable management practices

Duration: 13:41

"...Wood-Bohm and Associates offer strategic consulting services to industry and government in the areas of science based innovations..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sustainable management.

Introduction to Ocean Governance: A focus on the UK Environment

"...This webinar provides an introduction to Ocean Governance: the bringing together of regulations, policies, actions and actors (states and non-government organisations) in the context of sustainable management..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sustainable management relevant to the latest news.

Examining/Interrogating the Literature on the Impact of Human Activity on Protected Areas and the Pathway for a New Conceptual

"...The significance of protected areas in biodiversity conservation, zoonotic diseases control, local economic development, and the ecosystem services which sets the relevance of their protection and contribution towards sustainable development arenas is discussed..."

related research

Impact of land use type and organic farming on the abundance, diversity, community composition and functional properties of soil

"...The excessive application of chemical fertilizers in intensively managed agricultural fields worldwide has resulted in soil degradation and biodiversity loss..."

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Application of GIS Technologies in Sustainable Land Management at Local Level

"...Application and importance of GIS as a tool will be presented through several research studies, namely: soil data of Popovo polje, bonity data of Mostar City, land cover and land use changes of Tuzla City, and application of agroecological zoning of Srebrenik municipality..."

related research

Performance of common pool resources management in the mixed farming system in Goncha district, northwest highlands of Ethiopia

"...Studies accommodating sustainable management of ecological, economic, social, and institutional criteria on common pool resources are very limited over those highlands..."

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Public perception of forest crimes: The case of Ilgaz Province in Turkey

"...The protection and sustainable management of forests are widely accepted and considered a solution for mitigating climate change..."

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Solar-powered desalination, a novel solar still directly connected to solar parabolic trough

"...This study showed feasible and viable results and verifies the importance of technologies that rely on renewable resources to achieve secure and sustainable management of the world’s water and energy needs..."

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Effect of entomopathogenic fungi introduced as corn endophytes on the development, reproduction, and food preference of the inv

"...Native to the neotropics in America but recently reported as an invasive pest in Africa and Asia, FAW imposes a serious threat to food security and sustainable crop productivity due to lack of effective management..."

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Combined effects of land-use type and climate change on soil microbial activity and invertebrate decomposer activity

"...Land-use and climate change are two of the key forces driving soil organisms’ activity and thus the ecosystem functions they provide..."

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Stand parameter extraction based on video point cloud data

"...Monitoring sample plots is important for the sustainable management of forest ecosystems..."

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Incorporating evolutionary based tools in cephalopod fisheries management

"...In light of increasing ecological disturbances in marine ecosystems worldwide, assessing exploited species? status and response becomes vital for devising effective strategies that would ensure their sustainable management..."

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