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Urban Landscape

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Coverage of urban landscape since December 14, 2020.

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Extraordinary high-rise fills cracked facade with greenery

"...Following the completion of its first US residential project in Los Angeles last year, MAD Architects has unveiled plans for another in Denver that's also infused with nature. Named One River North, the stunning high-rise will be defined by its unusual facade, which looks like it has been torn open by an earthquake or some other cataclysmic event and has greenery growing through the cracks. The building – which is being co-developed by the Max Collaborative, Uplands Real Estate Partners, and Wynne Yasmer Real Estate – gets its name from its location in Denver's River North neighborhood and will reach a height of 216 ft (65 m)..."

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New study says mid-sized cities in Saskatchewan among the best across Canada

"...Over the past two decades, demographic changes in the Canadian urban landscape indicate a bit of a ‘wake-up' call for those who associate Canada’s overall success with the success of the larger cities..."

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LETTER: Oak Bay's choice of trees bad for ecosystem

"...The plants we choose for our urban landscapes are critical: they can support the ecosystem around us, increasing biodiversity by supporting insects and birds, or they can create ecological deserts by failing to support insect and bird populations..."

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COMMUNITY ROUNDUP: Orion Carlisle with Peace Gallery North

"...John was live with Orion Carlisle, local photographer, at Peace Gallery North speaking about his exhibit “Urban Landscapes”..."

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Montreal might have Canada's most beautiful manhole covers

"...The city has transformed the most utilitarian and overlooked element of the urban landscape into an elegant piece of design that will beautify the streets for decades to come..."

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U of C the 'bee's knees' when it comes to pollinator biodiversity

"...“Our work was really trying to advance how we think about sustainability, particularly in urban environments, and how we can integrate nature, and particularly thinking about bees and pollinators into urban landscapes,” said Summers. “An important component of sustainability is understanding biodiversity both in terms of animal pollinators, including insects, as well as the plants that they pollinate. ” ..."

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Trees, plants and soil could help cities cut their carbon footprints -- when used smartly

"...Cities and nations around the globe are shooting for carbon neutrality, with some experts already talking about the need to ultimately reach carbon negativity. Carbon footprint declarations are used in construction to ease product selection for low carbon building, but these standards don't yet exist for green elements like soil, bushes and plants. A new study led by Aalto University is the first to map out how green infrastructure can be a resource for cities on the path to carbon neutrality..."

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We’re in a biodiversity crisis. What we plant and how we alter landscapes matters

"...The science is clear: habitat loss and fragmentation cause species loss and worsen the effects of climate change. We need to protect remaining habitat, but we also need to create it in places where we have green-paved it with lawns and non-native species. When we fill urban landscapes with introduced [non-native] plants, we are severing crucial, dependent relationships between native plants and wildlife that have evolved over millennia..."

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Goshawk in Berlin, Germany

"...Over the past decades, the increased use of chemicals in many areas led to environmental pollution - of water, soil and also wildlife. In addition to plant protection substances and human and veterinary medical drugs, rodenticides have had toxic effects on wildlife. A new scientific investigation from scientists of the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW), the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) and the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt - UBA) demonstrate that these substances are widely found in liver tissues of birds of prey from Germany..."

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Pioneering research reveals gardens are secret powerhouse for pollinators

"..."We found the nectar supply in urban landscapes is more diverse, in other words comes from more plant species, than in farmland and nature reserves, and this urban nectar supply is critically underpinned by private gardens," said Nicholas Tew, who is studying for a PhD in Ecology..."

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New data-driven global climate model provides projections for urban environments

"...Global climate models project future scenarios by modeling how broader-scale processes like greenhouse gas emissions force the global climate to respond. By combining this technique with a statistical model that emulates a complex and detailed climate model for urban landscapes, Zhao's team confronted the urban-to-global information gap..."

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Urban land and aerosols amplify hazardous weather, steer storms toward cities

"...RICHLAND, Wash. --Urban landscapes and human-made aerosols--particles suspended in the atmosphere--have the potential to not only make gusts stronger and hail larger; they can also start storms sooner and even pull them toward cities, according to new research exploring the impact of urban development on hazardous weather, led by scientists at the U. S..."

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Jobs in urban landscape

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Planner I - Green Infrastructure Design and Delivery - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Excellent Auto CAD skills to independently assemble construction documentation packages, including material plans, grading plans, planting plans, construction details, specifications and cost estimating with various level of details within a multi-disciplinary environment;..."

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Recent episodes that mention urban landscape.

Lush and abundant biodiversity—in a desert city

Duration: 54:32

"...Reese Baker has a vision for greening urban landscapes—and he wants to make Santa Fe an example of how to do it, by catching rainwater from roofs, streets, and parking lots, and channeling it into gardens, trees, and soil. ..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about urban landscape.

The Great Tours: Washington DC | Exploring Washington's Great Outdoors (Part 23/24)

"...DC contains an array of beautiful green spaces, offering an alternative to the urban landscape..."

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Explore NEOM’s Natural Majesty

"...But soon, NEOM’s environments will be joined by urban landscapes that will coexist in balance with nature..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about urban landscape relevant to the latest news.

Green Roofs Towards Circular and Resilient Cities

"...Green roofs are gaining interest as nature-based solutions (NBS) to counteract with several environmental and socio-economic problems associated to urban sprawl and climate change..."

related research

A quantifiable architecture for urban social-ecological complex landscape pattern

"...Context For urban ecology science to facilitate urban sustainable development by improving urban residents? material wealth and environmental suitability, it is important to quantitatively analyze urban areas using current and forthcoming data collection and analysis technologies; however, current approaches remain inadequate and are not systematic compared with the relatively mature urban ecology theory..."

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Towards the design of biodiverse green roofs in Argentina: Assessing key elements for different functional groups of arthropods

"...However, the characteristics of green roofs that could enhance arthropod biodiversity and ecological functioning are poorly known, especially for South American countries..."

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Contextualising landscape perceptions: the role of urban landscape, ecosystem and water system in formation of mental models of

"...Context Ecological design used for stormwater management?referred to as Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)?exemplifies how urban environments can benefit from mimicking natural processes to create multifunctional urban spaces..."

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Carrion increases pollination service across an urban gradient

"...The world is increasingly urban, and urbanization alters the abundance and distribution of resources important to mutualist pollinators..."

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Green infrastructures and ecological corridors shape avian biodiversity in a small French city

"...In the context of increasing urbanization, preserving urban biodiversity has become a priority because biodiversity appears to be a key element when evaluating the well-being of urban residents..."

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Current status, existent problems, and coping strategy of urban drainage pipeline network in China

"...Urban drainage pipeline systems collect and transport domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, and rainwater..."

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Inner City Urban Renewal: Assessing the Sustainability and Implications for Urban Landscape Change of Addis Ababa

"...This study aimed at understanding citizens? concerns and identifying assessment indicators for sustainable urban renewal in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia..."

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