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Coverage of waste materials since November 22, 2022.

North Okanagan municipalities prepared for wildfire emergency

"...“The three RDNO fire departments have been on heightened standby for the past week and have been completing patrols of the communities,” said the regional district. “They have also been responding to numerous small wildfires due to recent lightning strikes. They have been practicing and reviewing their structure protection programs..."


Australia’s largest Antarctic research station has a pollution problem

"...“Antarctic research stations such as Casey are likely to pose a moderate level of long-term ecological risk to local marine ecosystems through marine pollution,” the research found. The study showed “there can be quite significant impacts from our stations locally,” said Jonathan Stark, the lead author and a principal research scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division. What people are reading Our forests have reached a tipping point By Barry Saxifrage | Analysis, Climate Solutions Reporting | August 21st 2023 Race Against Climate Change The sediment quality guidelines had been developed for temperate and tropical ecosystems, Stark said..."


Court hearing on injunction to end Winnipeg landfill blockade adjourned to Thursday

"...In its application filed Tuesday, the city said a lack of access to the Brady Road landfill could cause risks to environmental health and safety, including the combustion of waste materials, toxic gas buildup, the buildup and potential leaking of toxic liquids, increased odours and littering at the facility and the inability to do testing..."


Free hazardous waste disposal days coming to Sicamous and Sorrento

"...Free household hazardous waste disposal days are coming to Sorrento and Sicamous..."


From Beehive Ban to Hog Fuel Future: Regional Histories of the Energy Crisis

"...Despite BC’s relatively secure energy supply with large hydroelectric dams, vast deposits of natural gas, and good relations with oil-rich Alberta, in the late 1970s, the province embarked on several initiatives to promote the use of hog fuel: a mix of wood wastes left over from sawmills, combining sawdust, bark, and chips. In 1977 the BC Energy Commission established a committee to co-ordinate between the forest industry and the provincial and federal governments. Jointly funded by these parties, a program was undertaken to examine the feasibility of three modes of hog fuel energy: direct wood waste combustion to produce process heat for sawmill dry kilns; the use of wood wastes at large sawmills as fuel for co-generation of electricity and process heat; and gasification of wood waste to produce a fuel gas: methanol..."


FVRD looks at 2 plans for Columbia Valley farm that accepted contaminated waste materials

"...Since March of 2022, they’ve been waiting for waste materials that were trucked in and dropped off at 810 Iverson Road to be trucked back out. But 9,000 tons remain on the farm owned by Bruce Vander Wyk..."


City of Saskatoon secures new organic waste facility

"...The City of Saskatoon has secured an organic waste materials site at the Loraas facility north of Saskatoon in the Rural Municipality of Corman Park..."


Rally at Union Bay Sunday for those opposed to shipbreaking in Baynes Sound

"...“The unique physical features of Baynes Sound qualify it as an area of ecological and biological significance,” said Dixon. “The sound is internationally recognized as a critical feeding and overwintering area for migratory birds, is one of the last strongholds for herring spawning habitat on the south coast and is an important shellfish aquaculture area in B. C..."


Simcoe County residents save four years of landfill usage in their green bins

"...Removing organic materials from the regular garbage stream has many environmental benefits, including conserving valuable landfill capacity, turning waste material into usable compost or soil amendments, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions..."


Canada confirms protections for marine protected areas but shipping pollution isn’t included

"...The scrubber wastewater worsens ocean acidification, which inhibits the ability of marine animals such as oysters, clams, prawns and crabs to form shells. The government intends to tighten regulations around the dumping of scrubber water along with oily bilge water, sewage, grey water (kitchen and laundry wastewater, cleaning products and other pollutants) and food waste in MPAs in Canada’s territorial waters by 2025 or 2026 after holding public consultations, Murray said. What people are reading Justin Trudeau has a communication problem By Max Fawcett | Opinion, Politics | February 9th 2023 Journalists weren’t able to ask the ministers questions on all the details of the protection standard because the document was not publicly released until an hour after the press conference was over..."


Montreal recycling centre says it's complying with standards following controversies

"...Rather than being recycled, this waste material ended up becoming fuel in polluting factories such as cement plants, according to the report entitled "The dirty secrets of recycling. "..."


City of Barrie, Ont. addressing yard waste collection delays

"...To help with the backlog, the city said residents can also bring yard waste to the landfill, where disposal fees will be waived for the remainder of 2022. Residents are asked to continue leaving yard waste bags at the curb, regardless of the weather. “Crews will make all efforts to pick up yard waste materials despite the condition of bags that have been exposed to the elements..."


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Jobs in waste materials

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Landfill Attendant/Operator - The Township of Perth East - Perth East, ON

"...Work regularly involves direct contact with the public, elected officials, other levels of government, residents or staff to provide or obtain information and service that is important to the operations..."

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Solid Waste Services Coordinator - Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine (Terrace, BC)

"...Maintain Controlled and Non-Controlled Waste records database, including filing and submission of Hazardous Waste Manifests related to asbestos landfilling..."

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Recent episodes that mention waste materials.

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254A. Biomass role in future economy

Duration: 4:00

"...PODCAST - This week on CKUA Radio's Green Energy Futures we learn there is 120 million tonnes of mostly waste biomass in Canada just waiting to used to produce biofuels, bioenergy and an assortment of other products..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about waste materials.

A global solar PV waste TSUNAMI is about to hit!

"...That's a great thing for the transition to sustainable energy, but a massive potential problem for a catastrophically ill-prepared recycling industry..."


The Science Of Cardboard

"...Recycling paper based packaging is so effective that only 75% of the energy used to produce virgin paper packaging is needed to make new cardboard from recycled stock..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about waste materials relevant to the latest news.

Prospective of Waste Lignocellulosic Biomass as Precursors for the Production of Biochar: Application, Performance, and Mechani

"...Utilization of biochar has made substantial breakthroughs in increasing agricultural productivity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, sequester atmospheric carbon into the soil, reducing bioavailability of environmental contaminants, and subsequently becoming a value-added product sustaining bioeconomy..."


Polyhydroxybutyrate biosynthesis from different waste materials, degradation, and analytic methods: a short review

"...Such environment-centric thinking has reduced the volume of solid waste generated by consumers every year, together with reuse and recycling..."


Utilizing Plastic Waste in Construction Materials: A Review

"...Inefficient solid waste management of plastics and polymeric materials is one among the biggest challenges worldwide, resulting in environmental deterioration..."


Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on the water quality of the Damodar River, a tributary of the Ganga River in West Bengal

"...Mujhermana (received maximum pollutants from industries and residential areas) station shows a decrease in ions concentration and subsequent improvement in agriculture water quality during the COVID-19 period..."


A multi-objective robust grey wolf optimization model for the study of concrete mix using copper slag and glass powder

"...Waste materials which are byproducts of industries can be a possible replacement material for natural sand and cement in concrete mixtures, which in turn can pave way for waste management..."


Additive manufacturing of recycled plastics: a ?techno-eco-efficiency? assessment

"...There is a need to adopt circular economy strategies such as plastic recycling within industrial applications in order to reduce this significant waste management pressure..."


Identifying the impacts of trading construction waste across jurisdictions: a simulation of the Greater Bay Area, China, using

"...Local authorities worldwide are actively encouraging waste material trading within their jurisdictions as a promising strategy to develop a more circular economy..."


A comprehensive assessment of mechanical and environmental properties of green concretes produced using recycled concrete aggre

"...Then, energy consumption, global warming potential, and waste generation were taken into account from the environmental impact categories, and the environmental impact scores obtained were compared in detail to examine the impact of the use of silica fume and recycled concrete aggregates on sustainable development..."


A Review on Crumb Rubber Content in Modifying Asphalt to Save the Environment from the Solid Waste Crisis

"..., if it is burned air pollution occurs as it releases toxic gases, or if landfilled, the fertility of the soil decreases as it is a non-biodegradable waste material..."


Characterization of Paver Block Developed Using Rice Husk Ash (RHA) for Medium Traffic Condition

"...Typically, the wastes generated from the industrial and agricultural sector have raised problems related to waste management and pollution..."