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News and Opinion

Coverage of waste to energy since November 17, 2020.

Councillor wants Ottawa to immediately explore new technologies for diverting waste from landfills

"..."There are numerous examples of modern, efficient and environmentally friendly waste to energy technologies which reduce pollutants and which generate heat and electricity. "..."


Province Sheds Light on Rejected Waste to Energy Plant

"...The Town of Lewisporte accepts the minister's decision to reject Synergy World Power's proposal for a waste to energy plant..."


Cariboo Low Carbon Fuels joins the CHFCA as new Start-up Member

"...Cariboo Low Carbon Fuels Ltd. (CaribooLCF) is a private entity incorporated in the province of British Columbia. CaribooLCF is developing a joint British Columbia and Saskatchewan large-scale, clean fuels standard ready, aviation and motor fuels infrastructure through the application of Gas to Liquids proven technology with Carbon capture and use process..."


Letters Nov. 17: Stop bike lane work; stop Hartland expansion

"...Under its current policy, the CRD has no incentive to substantially reduce waste going to the landfill lest it lose tipping fee revenues. The CRD needs to revise its outdated revenue model for waste disposal by looking at waste to energy options..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention waste to energy.

Waste to Energy - Bob Powell - Brightmark Energy

Duration: 22:46

"...“What is wasteful that we can harvest and use more efficiently?” ~ Bob Powell, CEO, Brightmark EnergyBob Powell spends a lot of his day thinking about waste..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about waste to energy.

Why dont we just burn our trash?

"...Waste to energy plants are seen as green innovations for countries where landfills dominate, as they reduce methane and generate renewable energy..."


Green Architecture Saving the World | Visiting Sustainable Buildings from Across the Planet

"...Architects have incorporated nature, renewable technologies and climate change solutions into their buildings..."


Turning Waste Into Clean Energy | CopenHill by BIG Architects

"...Inside CopenHill: The clean energy plant with its own ski slope | On Location..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about waste to energy relevant to the latest news.

Inherent roadmap of conversion of plastic waste into energy and its life cycle assessment: A frontrunner compendium

"...Burgeoning in the conversion of plastic waste into energy is a captivating strategy to circumvent the power generation shortages, greenhouse gas emissions, restricted space for landfilling, and can unravel the emanation of plastic waste disposal..."


Waste-to-Energy Technologies Towards Circular Economy: a Systematic Literature Review and Bibliometric Analysis

"...When analysing the author?s keywords, the most cited were ?municipal solid waste?, ?incineration?, ?waste management?, ?gasification?, ?anaerobic digestion?, ?combustion?, ?waste-to-energy?, ?landfill gas?, and ?sustainability?, noting that the studies were directed at economic and sustainable development, as well as circular economy, aiming to mitigate adverse environmental impacts..."


Anaerobic Digestion: Advance Techniques for Enhanced Biomethane/Biogas Production as a Source of Renewable Energy

"...The process, in turn, reduces the local waste and helps in recycling in a manner that reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, conserves the resources, and establishes a circular economy in the time of undetermined future for the production of energy and safe disposal of the waste..."


Quantifications and predictions of sectoral pollutants emissions in Nigeria from 1980 to 2050

"...Five major sources of pollutant emissions were identified which include transportation, energy, municipal solid waste, wood fuel, and agricultural sectors..."


Air emissions in waste to energy (W2E) plants

"...In this manuscript, major air pollutants emitted from W2E plants with associated health effects, classical and innovative air pollution control (APC) technologies used in W2E plants along with the advantages and disadvantages are reviewed..."


Eco-smart plastic waste to energy solutions for Indian railways: current scenario, challenges and future footprints

"...A recent report by the Central Pollution Control Board, Government of India revealed that most of the IR stations were unable to comply with the norms of solid waste management especially on treatment of plastic waste..."


Multi-period Enviro-Economic Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste to Electricity

"...The increased production of municipal solid waste has adverse effects on the environment, such as increased greenhouse gas emissions, which drive climate change and accelerate global warming..."


Carbon emission, solid waste management, and electricity generation: a legal and empirical perspective for renewable energy in

"...This research investigates the necessity for transformation of wastes to energy for environmentally friendly and improvement in Nigeria?s power sector for sustainability, to reduce greenhouse gas discharges and to encourage financings of renewable energy resources, and to alleviate the anxieties on dumping of deleterious wastes in Nigeria..."


Environmental assessment coupled with machine learning for circular economy

"...The circular economy and its various recirculation loops have become a major study subject over recent years, particularly in the field of agriculture, which is a significant source of waste production..."


Geoenvironmental Considerations for Bulk Reuse of MSW Residues from Old Dumps and WTE Plants in Geotechnical Applications

"...For achieving sustainability in management of municipal solid waste (MSW), it is important to ensure that residues, remaining after processing of waste in various plants (composting, waste to energy (WTE), landfilling), are reutilised in a safe and useful manner..."