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Coverage of wastewater since January 5, 2022.

Two new COVID-19 deaths in Ottawa as province reaches record hospitalizations

"...Ottawa Public Health is reporting a slight uptick in hospitalizations in Ottawa. The health unit says 61 people are in hospital because of COVID-19, up from 57 on Thursday..."

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One new COVID-19 death in Ottawa on Thursday

"...Ottawa Public Health reports only hospitalizations among Ottawa residents with a hospital intervention for active COVID-19. To count as a hospitalization intervention, the hospitalization must involve treatment for an active COVID-19 infection or have a hospital stay extended because of active COVID-19. This also applies to people who may acquire COVID-19 while in hospital..."

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Targeted dredging in Hamilton's Chedoke Creek to begin mid-summer

"...The plan, presented to city councillors on Wednesday, calls for a machine to suck up to 10,000 cubic metres of polluted sediment from the waterway by the end of 2022. The targeted dredging follows the spill of 24 billion litres of sewage and untreated wastewater into Chedoke Creek from a combined sewage overflow tank between 2014 and 2018..."

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Oglaza: COVID-19 stabilizing in KFL&A, vaccination numbers strong

"...The MOH says those and wastewater surveillance are what is used to gauge COVID-19 activity within KFL&A. According to the latest numbers on the public health COVID-19 dashboard, active ‘high risk' cases are at 745, and there are 22 hospitalizations within the health unit's catchment area. Story continues below advertisement..."

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7 more Ottawa residents in hospital because of COVID-19

"...Ottawa Public Health is reporting seven more residents of the city are in hospital because of COVID-19..."

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Summerland also being eyed for hydrogen plant

"...He said the company is eyeing a one-acre plot near the Summerland wastewater treatment plant that could be home to a 10,000-square-foot building, which at full annual production could generate 1,080 metric tonnes of green hydrogen, 18,000 metric tonnes of aluminum and five megawatts of electricity. Neil estimates the facility could create 15 to 17 permanent jobs, while generating “zero” pollution and recycling most of the water it requires. Coun..."

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Ottawa Public Health reports drop in active COVID-19 hospitalizations, but hospitals still seeing many positive patients

"...Ottawa Public Health is reporting a drop in the number of Ottawa residents in hospital because of COVID-19..."

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'It was stunning': Wastewater data shows high levels of Omicron variant in Waterloo Region

"...Servos and Meghan Fuzzen, a researcher from the University of Waterloo, both discussed the wastewater findings at Friday's update. They monitor samples from water treatment plants in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge..."

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Municipality of Norfolk-Treherne looks to kick off 2022

"...Water and wastewater reports will be discussed for both Rathwell and Treherne. One other major talking point would be a letter from Xplornet that discusses what they need to do in order to get a start on an infrastructure build..."

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Several 2021 successes under the belt for AMM

"..."And $50 million of that was dedicated to water and wastewater projects via the Manitoba Water Services Board to help restore economy," adds Blight. "These types of investments are critical for economic growth and building local communities. "..."

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Wastewater COVID testing rising to the occasion

"...He says public health demand for wastewater testing across Ontario has grown since early 2020, noting University of Windsor researchers have been undertaking wastewater surveillance since early in the pandemic, looking for trace amounts of the virus in sewage to see how it's spreading..."

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How wastewater surveillance in Manitoba is helping the fight against COVID-19

"...In Winnipeg, the lab has been monitoring wastewater from three Winnipeg water treatment plants. Samples are tested to determine COVID-19 levels and are sequenced to determine their viral RNA, enabling the detection of variants..."

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Jobs in wastewater

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

(Millwright) Wastewater Maintenance Operator - Regional District of Nanaimo (Nanaimo, BC)

"...Applicants must also posses a Standard First Aid Course, knowledge of WHMIS and WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, comprehensive knowledge of the installation, maintenance, repair and servicing of mechanical equipment, ability to perform close tolerance machine work, ability to perform physical work outdoors in all weather conditions, strong interpersonal, communication and conflict resolution skills, and posses a valid Class 5 BC Drivers LicensePOSTITION DETAILS..."

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Treatment Plants Operator - Summer Term, (Wastewater Services)

"...38 per hour (Subject to CUPE 1015 Agreement) Location: Wastewater Treatment Plant Duties: Reporting to the Manager, Wastewater Treatment, the Treatment Plants Operator..."

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Director of Wastewater Treatment

"...We are seeking a Director of Wastewater Treatment with experience leading complex projects and an entrepreneurial spirit to continue to build our..."

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Wastewater Treatment Operator 12 month term

"...Wastewater Treatment Operator – 12 Month Term, reporting to the R3 Facility Manager..."

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Recent episodes that mention wastewater.

Today's show: Universal health-care, Alberta parks battle, MP Michael Barrett, Andrew MacDougall & detecting COVID-19

Duration: 1:15:44

"...Guests: Bacchus Barua, Associate Director, Health Policy Studies, Fraser Institute..."

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Detecting COVID-19 in wastewater

Duration: 11:51

"...Guests: Martin Sellar Voll, Vice President, Operations, WTS Rentals..."

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10/16/20 - DNR Trail Map; Drinking Water and Wastewater Plan

Duration: 03:30

"...The Michigan DNR has released a new interactive trail map..."

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UCalgary and Village Brewery produce Alberta’s first beer made with treated wastewater

Duration: 21:05

"...Guests Christine O’Grady, program coordinator at UCalgary’s Advancing Canadian Wastewater and Jackson Stuart, leads events and Marketing at Village Brewery..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about wastewater.

The man hacking hot water to save the planet

"...Up next ►► The case for drinking treated wastewater..."

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The case for drinking treated wastewater. (Yes, from the toilet.) | Just Might Work by Freethink

"...In the U. S. , concern over droughts and water pollution have ignited a unique solution for preserving one of our most vital resources — advanced wastewater treatment for human consumption, also known as direct potable reuse..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about wastewater relevant to the latest news.

Microalgae Mediated Sludge Treatment

"...Integration of microalgae in the wastewater treatment plants not only increases the efficiency of the removal of pollutants but also significantly brings down the operational cost of the facility, which is due to the fact that microalgae are able to utilize the sunlight and uptake the inorganic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus abundant in wastewater..."

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Microbial Fuel Cells for Wastewater Treatment

"...These processes are energy as well as cost-intensive and generate pollutants including greenhouse gases and other harmful byproducts that need further disposal..."

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Reuse-focused selection of appropriate technologies for municipal wastewater treatment: a multi-criteria approach

"...Wastewater treatment technologies (WWTTs) are employed across the world, and the selection is mainly based on ?past experiences? aimed at ?pollution prevention? in the receiving water bodies..."

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Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) as Formidable Candidate for Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

"...The viability of MOFs toward wastewater treatment (WWT) for various pollutants is fundamentally because of the extreme porosity, discrete pore structure, and superficial modification..."

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Waste and Health: Sewage Sludge and Its Hazard to Human

"...These symptoms and diseases are not only reported among sewage workers but also the residents who stay near the wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)..."

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Role of Biochar in Wastewater Treatment and Sustainability

"...Adsorption is an effective and economically viable way to remove pollutants from wastewater..."

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Biochemical Parameters and Their Optimization Strategies for Microbial Bioremediation of Wastewater

"...This chapter is giving information on factors affecting the growth of microbial bioremediation and about the different statistical designs of experimental methods that may help optimize the wastewater treatment process using microbes..."

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Contribution of Land Runoff to the Release of Pesticides into Water Bodies in Arable Areas

"...The release of micropollutants into surface water bodies may be due to different pathways, including wastewater treatment plant effluent, combined sewer overflows and surface runoff..."

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Contamination of Maine lakes by pharmaceuticals and personal care products

"...Pharmaceuticals and personal care product chemicals (PPCPs) are known to contaminate surface waters, especially rivers and streams downstream of wastewater treatment plants..."

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Remediation by Floating Plants

"...On the other hand, as to the water pollutants contained in sewage and food factory wastewater, they are on the contrary at the same time essential elements for plants to grow such as nitrogen and phosphorous..."

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Heavy Metals Removal Techniques from Industrial Waste Water

"...Regarded as pollutants heavy metals like Arsenic (As), Hg (Mercury), Zn (Zinc), Cd (Cadmium), Thallium (Tl) and Pb (Lead) not only pose a serious threat on water ecosystem but also on human health owing to their highly toxic, non-biodegradable, and carcinogenic behavior..."

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Shining a Light on Wastewater Treatment with Microalgae

"...It is suggested that if microalgae were grown as biofilms rather than as planktonic cells, and if internal illumination rather than external illumination were employed, then the use of microalgae may provide useful improvements to the wastewater treatment process..."

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