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Coverage of wastewater since November 6, 2023.

City says landfill turning away material from Hamilton's Chedoke Creek a ‘misunderstanding'

"...Cari Vanderperk’s, the city's director of watershed management, confirms a truck was turned away at the gate of GFL's outlet in Upper Stoney Creek amid concerns from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) over environmental compliance approval provisions. Vanderperk says GFL opted to restrict disposal due to a “misunderstanding around the classification of the waste,” which the MECP submitted was refuse from a combined sewage spill not compliant with environmental approvals governing a municipally-owned sewage works facility. “So we are looking at other landfills,” Vanderperk explained..."


Environmental group opposes coal pit application until wastewater probe is complete

"...The Alberta Wilderness Association says CST Canada Coal in Grande Cache, Alta. , must prove it can operate safely before the provincial regulator looks at its request. “Prior to any decisions on this application, the (association) respectfully requests (the Alberta Energy Regulator) complete the outstanding investigations of CST Canada's operations and management,” the group says in a statement to the regulator..."


Climate change could cost Ontario billions as planet heats up: watchdog

"...While Queen's Park is responsible for some buildings and transportation, it is municipal governments that take care of the majority of infrastructure in the province. Municipal governments in Ontario manage more than $500 billion worth of infrastructure. It includes buildings, transportation and wastewater pipes and processing plants..."


Updates needed on Charlie Lake’s sewer system

"...McElhanney was hired by the Peace River Regional District to evaluate the existing sewer system, collection system, lift station and wastewater treatment plant and draft a capital improvement plan, including recommendations. ..."


US study says B.C. coal mine toxins showing up over the border

"...A new American study has confirmed southeastern British Columbia coal mines are contaminating waters shared by Canada and the U. S. , adding the miner’s attempts to remove selenium from wastewater aren’t making much difference to the amount flowing south..."


Toxins from B.C. coal mines found in American waters: U.S. study

"...“It's making a small dent,” said Meryl Storb of the United States Geological Survey, lead author of the newly published study. “However, the water treatment is much less successful at reducing the total annual mass moving downstream. ”Selenium, an element found in coal deposits that is toxic to fish, has been a long-running source of conflict between B..."


Zero: Oil industry’s plan for climate action? More fossil fuels

"...The best performer was France’s TotalEnergies, which calls itself “a major player in renewable energy production,” including hydroelectricity, solar, wind power and biofuels. In 2022, Total’s green energy resources accounted for a negligible 1. 3% of total revenue..."


Worker nearly buried, Alberta regulator probes mine wall

"...Alberta's energy regulator is examining practices at a coal mine in the province after three “instabilities” in its rock walls — including one weeks ago that partially buried a large piece of heavy equipment and its operator..."


UNBC project advancing marine oil spill technology

"...“Our lab has been developing and testing improved oil/water separation and wastewater disposal technologies under different spill conditions,” Li said in a statement. “This funding will greatly help us to advance our oil spill response solution through technological innovation and multi-partner collaboration. ”..."


West Toronto residents report raw sewage after boring machine freed

"...The construction in their neighbourhood originally began as a storm sewer project to stop localized basement flooding. That work still has yet to be completed, and residents have been left crying foul and filthy. In a statement, the city says there have been some “recent challenges with the sanitary sewer,” which transports wastewater released from toilets, drains, and sinks to a wastewater treatment plant in the area..."


Propensity for Activism Rises in Some Instances in British Columbia

"...Perceptions are more nuanced on four other establishments that could be located within three blocks of a respondent’s home. Practically half would take no action against a low-income housing project (49%, -9), while fewer feel the same way about a composting site (38%, -5), a homeless shelter (36%, -7) or a sewage or wastewater treatment plant (28%, -3)..."


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Jobs in wastewater

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Intermediate/Senior Civil Engineer

"...· Experience with water wastewater treatment processes, piping systems, and pumping systems..."

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Water Wastewater Treatment Maintenance Person Level 1

"...Organizes and Implements the Maintenance Programs for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Class III Treatment services..."

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Water / Wastewater Treatment Operator

"...This will involve exposure to varying climatic conditions, potential exposure to..."

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Senior Environmental Scientist or Engineer

"...Environmental Scientist or Engineer with a background in hydrogeology, remediation design and specifications, solid waste and/or wastewater management, to join our Environmental team in Winnipeg..."

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Recent episodes that mention wastewater.

Today's show: Universal health-care, Alberta parks battle, MP Michael Barrett, Andrew MacDougall & detecting COVID-19

Duration: 1:15:44

"...Guests: Bacchus Barua, Associate Director, Health Policy Studies, Fraser Institute..."


Detecting COVID-19 in wastewater

Duration: 11:51

"...Guests: Martin Sellar Voll, Vice President, Operations, WTS Rentals..."


10/16/20 - DNR Trail Map; Drinking Water and Wastewater Plan

Duration: 03:30

"...The Michigan DNR has released a new interactive trail map..."


UCalgary and Village Brewery produce Alberta’s first beer made with treated wastewater

Duration: 21:05

"...Guests Christine O’Grady, program coordinator at UCalgary’s Advancing Canadian Wastewater and Jackson Stuart, leads events and Marketing at Village Brewery..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about wastewater.

Panel: Word on the high street—making fashion and beauty sustainable

"...The fashion industry produces 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions..."


Will the Chesapeake Become a Dead Zone?

"...In the 45,000 square mile Chesapeake Bay, the country’s largest estuary, nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater treatment plants, and urban and agricultural run-off is continuously suffocating marine life..."


The secrets of sewage - What's in our wastewater? | DW Documentary

"...What exactly is in the wastewater? A group of researchers is on its way to Europe's largest wastewater treatment plant to find out..."


What Sewage Treatment and Brewing Have in Common

"...In both wastewater treatment and fermentation, humans co-opt microorganisms to convert a less desirable liquid into a better one..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about wastewater relevant to the latest news.

A Comprehensive Overview of Vital Water Quality Parameters

"...In-place sewage systems, landfill leachate, wastewater treatment plant effluent, leaking sewers, hydraulic fracturing, gas stations, or excessive fertilizer use in agriculture are the usual causes of groundwater adulteration..."


Application of Fuzzy Decision in Wastewater Treatment Project: A Case Study of Taizhou Pharmaceutical Park in China

"...The environmental protection department must supervise the enterprises to choose the appropriate wastewater treatment process and strengthen the management of wastewater treatment at the organizational and operational level..."


Surfactants: combating the fate, impact, and aftermath of their release in the environment

"...The residual surfactants and their breakdown products are dispersed in the environment predominantly via the disposal of sewage and land application of sewage sludge..."


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Evaluations of Wastewater Treatment Plant?A Case Study of Jiaxing, China

"...The findings align with previous studies that have emphasized the importance of reducing energy consumption and adopting sustainable practices to improve the sustainability of wastewater treatment plants..."


Development of Dairy Wastewater Treatment for Valuable Applications

"...Since the DWW contains a high concentration of organic pollutants, it can be used as a carbon source for the production of bio-energy like methane gas and bioelectricity..."


An analysis of legislation and policies governing the working conditions of sanitation workers in Zimbabwe

"...Sanitation workers are at high risk of occupational and health hazards associated with exposure to faecal sludge as they clean public toilets, empty septic tanks, repair sewerage pipelines and operate wastewater treatment facilities..."


Environmental Application of Graphene and Its Forms for Wastewater Treatment: a Sustainable Solution Toward Improved Public Hea

"...Therefore, this review can be instrumental in understanding the fact that further development of graphene-based materials and their mass production can provide a very effective and economical wastewater treatment method..."