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Coverage of water consumption since June 20, 2023.

Cochrane's water reservoir critically low post-line break, state of local emergency declared

"...“As a result of the water and wastewater incident on Saturday, Oct. 21 and the uncontrolled impacts to the Town of Cochrane’s water reservoir supply, our water reservoirs are at critical levels,” Shawn Polley, the town’s ECC director, said in a statement Tuesday morning. “If water consumption continues at the current levels, we anticipate that some communities may soon be without water..."


Sewage line rupture ‘significantly impacted' Cochrane's water reservoirs: officials

"...Trout Unlimited also had to cancel a survey“The fisheries in the Bow River are already impacted by a number of factors, not limited to climate change even though it is a big overreaching factor,” she told Global News. “The competition for use of water within the Bow River watershed also leads to variable water levels. We have extremely low water right now, which can be challenging for the fish..."


Do not consume water order in place for parts of West Kelowna due to wildfire

"...Under the order, people must use a safe source for drinking water, brushing teeth making baby formula, ice, and washing food..."


The war on water-sucking lawns

"...Canadian cities are running drier this summer. In Calgary, the Bow River is the lowest it’s been since 1911. According to the Canadian Drought Monitor, in July, a stretch of Alberta about 200 kilometres long faced exceptional drought expected to occur once in 50 years..."


B.C. Wildfires: Kamloops-area evacuation order eases, hundreds allowed home

"...“We are taking this proactive step to ensure that our region's 2. 8 million residents will have enough drinking water for essential uses for the rest of the dry season,” Harvie said in a statement. Stage 2 restrictions prohibit all lawn watering..."


Hundreds allowed to return home near Kamloops, B.C., as evacuation order eases

"...VANCOUVER — An evacuation order covering hundreds of properties south of Kamloops, B. C. , has been scaled back to an alert as crews make good progress containing a wildfire about 10 kilometres south of the city..."


Surviving drought season

"...But that was last week. Now, everything is parched again and It’s hard not to feel a sense of woe about the climate changes we are experiencing. But whatever happens, we will need to adjust..."


POLL: Are you making extra efforts to conserve your water use?

"...Drought continues in Tofino-Ucluelet Jul. 21, 2023 3:30 p. m..."


Vancouver's recently reactivated fountains wasting millions of litres of water, commissioner says

"...The recent decision to reactivate several Vancouver-owned fountains that use millions of litres of drinking water annually is being scrutinized as B. C. officials sound the alarm about worsening drought conditions across the province..."


Metro Vancouver seeing 'higher-than-usual' water consumption; residents urged to conserve

"...Metro Vancouver is seeing “higher than usual” water consumption from residents due to the climbing temperatures, as the province warns of worsening drought conditions..."


Stage 1 water restrictions to begin July 1 in Port Alberni

"...“Port Alberni, like many other municipalities on Vancouver Island and throughout B. C. , will maintain summer watering restrictions to curb excessive water consumption during the hot summer months,” said John Stephen, utilities superintendent for the city’s engineering and public works department..."


Report suggest Nanaimo will be water resilient for decades

"...Nanaimo is continually upgrading its water supply infrastructure – the South Fork Water Treatment Plant was built in 2015 and the midtown water supply project is currently underway – while preparing for a potentially drier future. Universal water metering came into effect in the 1990s and tiered rate increase billing and staged water restrictions were added in the early 2000s, measures that helped lower Nanaimo’s water consumption in spite of population growth..."


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Jobs in water consumption

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Senior Water Resource Engineer - Park Board, Green Infrastructure - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Develop guidance materials and processes related to capital design, construction, establishment, operations and maintenance, monitoring and performance evaluation plans for green infrastructure in parks;..."

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Senior Water Resource Engineer - Park Board, Green Infrastructure - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Develop guidance materials and processes related to capital design, construction, establishment, operations and maintenance, monitoring and performance evaluation plans for green infrastructure in parks..."

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Planning Analyst - Waterworks Design - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Working closely with operational staff to ensure proper design and maintenance planning..."

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Recent episodes that mention water consumption.

Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water consumption.

Tourism in times of climate change | DW Documentary

"...The consequences are especially visible in the wake of climate change: extreme drought and water shortages are putting a strain on the Balearic island, where resources are already scarce..."


Water shortage in Germany - New ideas for long-term security | DW Documentary

"...The causes are not just more drought periods but also soil sealing - and higher pollutant levels in the water have also become a problem..."


Why the Great Salt Lake is an Environmental Time Bomb

"...Not only does this threaten the local ecosystem, but hazardous metals in the exposed lakebed are also putting human lives at risk..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water consumption relevant to the latest news.

Simulation of the dynamics of water resources in the Hirmand watershed under economic and environmental scenarios

"...The results show that scenarios like increasing irrigation efficiency, reducing evaporation loss, reducing cultivation area, adopting an optimal cropping pattern, and Afghanistan?s adherence to Iran?s water rights increase water resources and reduce water shortage..."


Issues and Challenges of Small-Town Water Supply and Distribution: A Case Study of Leh Town in UT Ladakh

"...The annual tourist arrivals have ever increased in Leh town without appropriate and necessary urban infrastructure evolving such as water supply and sewage system..."


"...A water footprint (WF) is an inclusive measure of freshwater use that can be used to evaluate the impact of human water consumption on both water volume and distribution..."


Desalination plant feasibility and site selection on the southern Caspian Sea coasts using SAW and TOPSIS multi-criteria analys

"...In this study, the construction of desalination plant units was prioritized and ordered based on multi-criteria decision-making methods using capacity and environmental strength, considering coastal and marine environmental, technical, and operational criteria such as water quality, distance from the estuary, land use restrictions, and socio-economic criteria including water consumption and population..."


Improving the management of agricultural water resources to provide Gavkhuni wetland ecological water right in Iran

"...These scenarios are modernization and upgrading the operation of agricultural water distribution systems (A), upgrading in-farm irrigation systems (B), optimizing the cultivation pattern (C) and reducing the utilization of groundwater resources (D), and combining these scenarios together as strategic scenarios to provide ecological water right..."


Complex Policy Mixes are Needed to Cope with Agricultural Water Demands Under Climate Change

"...The water gap is particularly acute in drylands, where development and food security has been based on the massive exploitation of water resources, particularly groundwater..."


Sustainable Water Consumption in Building Industry: A Review Focusing on Building Water Footprint

"...The water footprinting assesses the freshwater use and associated effects on local and global freshwater resources plus ecosystems therein..."


Product Design Intervention in Household Water Consumption Through Circular Economy

"...In Urban Indian household, water is consumed through groundwater and municipal water supply and are used in day-to-day activities, where the process is linear..."


The evolution and determinants of Chinese inter-provincial green development efficiency: an MCSE-DEA-Tobit-based perspective

"...Moreover, there are much room for improvement in solid waste emissions (SW) and soot and industrial dust emissions (SD); (iv) the environmental investment, R&D investment, and economic development level can significantly improve GDE, while industrial structure, urbanization level, and energy consumption have inhibiting effects..."


Hybrid Decentralized Systems of Non-potable Water Supply: Performance and Effectiveness Analysis

"...In addition, the larger the fraction of greywater reused, the lower the volume of wastewater produced and sent directly to the sanitation network..."


Structural Performance and Eco-efficiency Assessment of Biofilms Obtained by a Green Single-Step Modification of Starch and Aga

"...Furthermore, starch films containing Agave fibers showed the lowest environmental impacts regarding global warming, ozone depletion, freshwater eutrophication, land use, fossil resource scarcity, and water consumption..."


Technological Innovation for Improving Energy and Water Consumption Efficiency and Sustainability on Government Buildings in So

"...The internet of things, digital twin, big data analytics and smart meters, were identified to be useful in improving efficiency and sustainability in energy and water consumption in buildings, whilst also improving indoor environmental quality..."