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Coverage of water right since May 13, 2022.

Sewage line rupture ‘significantly impacted' Cochrane's water reservoirs: officials

"...Trout Unlimited also had to cancel a survey“The fisheries in the Bow River are already impacted by a number of factors, not limited to climate change even though it is a big overreaching factor,” she told Global News. “The competition for use of water within the Bow River watershed also leads to variable water levels. We have extremely low water right now, which can be challenging for the fish..."


Irrigation to end early in southern Alberta

"...According to the Raymond Irrigation District (RID) extremely low reservoir levels have led to the decision to shut off water earlier than normal. “Usually we have water right up to Thanksgiving, we turn the water off and there is still water in the reservoirs, this year just because the snowpack was poor and then there wasn't any rain, the precipitation was poor throughout the year, the reservoirs are quite empty,” added Jason Miller, general manager with RID. Miller added the St..."


Island farmers without licences told to shut off water as drought threat grows

"...Some farms who use groundwater from the Koksilah watershed without a water licence are being told to shut off their water as the severe drought continues. (B. C..."


Saskatchewan Water Security Agency offers up water and vacant land for farmers

"...Hauling water from a WSA reservoir or other provincial water supply requires a temporary water rights licence, but WSA said it will prioritize applications from farmers and ranchers, adding they will be issued in 48 hours or less. “With deteriorating conditions due to prolonged drought, feed availability is a top priority for producers looking to maintain their herds,” said Keith Day, board chair of Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association. Story continues below advertisement..."


Bottled water company asked to reduce water extraction near Hope

"...The decision was announced during a press conference, on Tuesday morning (July 18), that provided an update on the wildfire situation in B. C. During the conference, Ma said that she also acknowledges that many communities are reliant on bottled water right now, whether evacuated or facing water boil advisories..."


Central and northern Alberta record

"...Environment Canada still had rainfall warnings in effect Monday for much of central and western Alberta, including places like Yellowhead County. The weather agency said those regions could see between 40 and 80 mm of rain. “A long period of heavy rain continues,” Environment Canada said..."


As the planet warms, more ‘flash droughts’ suck soil and plants dry

"...Climate change is making droughts faster and more furious, especially a specific fast-developing heat-driven kind that catches farmers by surprise, a new study found. The study in Thursday’s journal Science found droughts in general are being triggered faster. But it also showed that a special and particularly nasty sudden kind — called “flash droughts” by experts — is casting an ever bigger crop-killing footprint..."


Millions of dead fish wash up amid heat wave in Australia

"...Millions of fish have washed up dead in southeastern Australia in a die-off that authorities and scientists say is caused by depleted oxygen levels in the river after recent floods and hot weather..."


Muskoka boasts winning tap water in international competition

"...The water tested came from the Fairyview Water Treatment facility in Huntsville, he said..."


Metro Vancouverites urged to conserve water as reservoir levels drop

"...Metro Vancouver residents are being urged to cut back on water use as drought-like conditions continue to persist well into the fall season..."


Drinking water compensation claims open to Saik'uz First Nation members

"...Map showing First Nations that had known long-term drinking water advisories in the time frames covered by the settlement. (First Nations Drinking Water Settlement)..."


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Recent episodes that mention water right.

Water Rights and Relationship with Dr. Leila Harris

Duration: 29:09

"...This week on Terra Informa we talk water, rights, and relationships (human-environment) with Dr..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water right.

Why Iran and Afghanistan are headed to war

"...Instead, the taproot of dispute is, and always has been, #water rights..."


Water shortage in Germany - New ideas for long-term security | DW Documentary

"...The causes are not just more drought periods but also soil sealing - and higher pollutant levels in the water have also become a problem..."


Who owns water? | DW Documentary

"...In many countries, increasing drought is threatening not only human survival, but entire ecosystems..."


This Breakthrough Replaces Water Desalination!

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water right relevant to the latest news.

Sustainable development in the Yellow River Basin: Issues and strategies

"...There is an urgent need to readjust the water allocation plan (namely 87 plan), establishing a water rights trading system, implement the precision irrigation on agricultural practices and adjust the industrial structure of the Yellow River Basin..."


Simulation of the dynamics of water resources in the Hirmand watershed under economic and environmental scenarios

"...The results show that scenarios like increasing irrigation efficiency, reducing evaporation loss, reducing cultivation area, adopting an optimal cropping pattern, and Afghanistan?s adherence to Iran?s water rights increase water resources and reduce water shortage..."


Wetland Conservation: Challenges Related to Water Law and Farm Policy

"...Finally, detailed analyses to understand the impacts of specific federal policies on agricultural water use may enhance water conservation efforts, facilitate long-term food and water security, and provide greater protection for wetland and aquatic resources..."


Securing the market: Water security and the internal contradictions of Chile’s Water Code

"...It has two objectives: to examine how the water policy framework has shaped responses to acute water scarcity, based on a case study of the La Ligua river basin during the 2014–15 drought, and to explore how water-society relations have influenced the nature and implications of these responses..."


An evaluation of groundwater institutions in India: a property rights perspective

"...Unregulated groundwater extraction rates in South Asia have depleted the aquifers causing a raft of socioeconomic, environmental and human health problems..."


Basin-Wide Initial Water Rights Allocation Model Considering Both the Quantity and Quality of Water

"...Second, the initial water rights allocation model, which maximizes the harmonious degree of an entire water system, is developed based on five principles: (1) the basic water demands, (2) fairness, (3) respect for the status quo, (4) economic efficiency, and (5) the unification of water withdrawals and sewage discharge..."


Review and Outlook

"...Since 1980, China?s water policies have experienced dramatic changes: attempting to improve benefits in the face of criticism for low efficiency in the 1980s; allocating large investments to acknowledge the important role of water in the country?s economy during 1990?1998; redefining the water?human relationship during 1998?2009; and providing the strictest water resources management as the definitive solution after 2009..."


Environmental and Recreational Uses

"...Ecological valuation, nature conservation and environmental protection have acquired significant importance in Chile, as knowledge and awareness of environmental sustainability increase, and the need to maintain ecosystem services provided by river basins becomes more evident..."


Enabling improved water and environmental management in an irrigated river basin using multi-agent optimization of reservoir ope

"...In Colorado's Lower Arkansas River Basin (LARB), inefficient irrigation and canal seepage contribute to salinization and waterlogging of irrigated lands and to stream-aquifer pollution..."


Improving the management of agricultural water resources to provide Gavkhuni wetland ecological water right in Iran

"...These scenarios are modernization and upgrading the operation of agricultural water distribution systems (A), upgrading in-farm irrigation systems (B), optimizing the cultivation pattern (C) and reducing the utilization of groundwater resources (D), and combining these scenarios together as strategic scenarios to provide ecological water right..."


Policy Options of Over-Pumping Control in the NCP

"...These policies include the requirement of permits for well drilling, a well spacing policy, pumping quota management, water resources fee collection, setting of irrigation water prices, a water rights system, water markets, and more..."


The Right to Water and Sustainable Consumption in EU Law

"...As water regulation affects multiple areas of law, the article will examine the right to water and sustainable consumption from a human rights? angle and taking a consumer law and environmental protection perspective..."