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Coverage of water shortages since July 9, 2023.

Climate change: Intensity of ongoing drought in Syria, Iraq and Iran ‘not rare anymore’

"...Large parts of Iraq, Iran and Syria have been gripped by an intense drought for years. Low rainfall and high temperatures have caused crops to fail and driven water shortages across the region, pushing millions of people into food insecurity..."


September/October 2023 Update: Military Responses to Climate Hazards (MiRCH) Tracker

"...In contrast, militaries are also responding to the consequences of drought, illustrating the dual threats that countries face from both too much and too little rainfall. For example, the Brazilian Air Force will be supporting a new civil defense task force to provide relief to the estimated 111,000 people in the Amazon affected by an unprecedented drought. In the United States, a lack of precipitation has reduced the Mississippi River water level to a record-low, causing saltwater to move up the river and threaten the water supply of communities near New Orleans..."


Cattle farmers brace for the cold after drought, high feed costs

"...“It's resulted in poor forage and water supply issues for the livestock industry. ”From northern B. C..."


First Person: Farmers running out of water in Punjab, India

"...Combining tradition with technologyVishvajeet Singh Jyani: Over the years, we have noticed that the rainfall and weather patterns have been quite erratic. The canal water and groundwater we depend upon has also become unreliable. At our family farm, the main motto is, “traditional wisdom with modern technology”..."


B.C. cattle producers count losses after wildfires

"...Beef producers dealing with the most destructive wildfire season in British Columbia’s history are tallying their losses in terms of cattle and infrastructure such as fences, said an industry leader..."


New Analysis of Climate Security Risks in Iran and Türkiye

"...As extreme weather this summer shows, no place is immune from climate change’s impact on the interconnected natural and human systems that underpin stability and security. Iran and Türkiye are two geopolitically critical countries that, despite not being among the very most vulnerable states, face serious climate risks that are likely to fuel insecurity and shape foreign policy. Just this summer, Iran experienced worsening water scarcity and an extreme heatwave that forced a two-day nationwide shutdown for fear of blackouts and protests..."


New climate change report says extreme heat days in Ontario will increase

"...The report also says there will be water shortages, and an increased risk of wildfires. Vulnerable people will be at risk the most..."


Analysis: Canada’s wettest province faces historic drought – and a precarious new future

"...I’d asked how his six-hectare Okanagan farm was faring amidst what’s shaping up to be the worst drought in B. C. ’s history, expecting an answer that had something to do with water shortage..."


People urged to stay vigilant as B.C. drought remains severe

"...Drought is a recurring feature involving reduced precipitation, such as rain, during an extended period, resulting in a water shortage. Drought can affect people in different ways, resulting in agricultural, health, economic and environmental consequences..."


Dozens killed as wildfires, heat wave sweep through the Mediterranean

"...In the U. S. , the ocean waters around South Florida soared to typical hot-tub levels this week, according to government data..."


Southern Alberta drought putting pressure on residential water supply

"...The drought in southern Alberta has triggered a water restriction for the Town of Claresholm, the Hamlet of Granum, and the entire M. D. of Willow Creek..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in water shortages

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Water Conservation/Urban Wildlife Bylaw Officer - City of Coquitlam (Coquitlam, BC)

"...The successful incumbent must enjoy working outdoors in all conditions, be willing to work evening and weekend shifts, and be comfortable interacting with the public..."

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Water Conservation/Urban Wildlife Bylaw Officer - City of Coquitlam (Coquitlam, BC)

"...You must enjoy working outdoors in all conditions, be willing to work evening and weekend shifts, and be comfortable interacting with the public..."

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Recent episodes that mention water shortages.

Revisiting - Salt Spring Island's Duelling Crises

Duration: 25:28

"...For today’s edition of our best-of week, we replay the conversation we had with Capital Daily's Jimmy Thomson after he headed over to Salt Spring Island to learn about the Island's water shortage and housing crisis, and how they are overlapping to create a labour shortage. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water shortages.

32: How a drought in the Panama Canal is disrupting global supply chains

"...In recent months, a severe drought exacerbated by El Niño has caused water shortages in Central America that are expected to persist well into 2024..."


Learn to use Rivers.Alberta

"...The Alberta River Basin’s webpage at Rivers. Alberta. ca is your source of find information on stream flows, precipitation, snow pack data and flooding advisories..."


Water shortage in Germany - New ideas for long-term security | DW Documentary

"...The causes are not just more drought periods but also soil sealing - and higher pollutant levels in the water have also become a problem..."


Our drinking water - Is the world drying up? | DW Documentary

"...Only 0. 3 percent of the Earth's total water supply is suitable for human consumption..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water shortages relevant to the latest news.

Ecological Sustainability Assessment of Water Distribution for the Maintenance of Ecosystems, their Services and Biodiversity

"...The ESAW-tool is tested in the Danube river basin through combination of high-resolution hydro-agroecological model data (hydrological land surface process model PROMET and groundwater model OpenGeoSys) and further freely available data (water use, biodiversity and wetlands maps)..."


Spatio-temporal Changes in Water Conservation Ecosystem Service During 1990?2019 in the Tumen River Basin, Northeast China

"...The water conservation (WC) function of ecosystems is related to regional ecological security and the sustainable development of water resources, and the assessment of WC and its influencing factors is crucial for ecological and water resource management..."


Simulation of the dynamics of water resources in the Hirmand watershed under economic and environmental scenarios

"...The results show that scenarios like increasing irrigation efficiency, reducing evaporation loss, reducing cultivation area, adopting an optimal cropping pattern, and Afghanistan?s adherence to Iran?s water rights increase water resources and reduce water shortage..."


Identification of fresh submarine groundwater off the coast of San Diego, USA, using electromagnetic methods

"...Climate change has a pronounced effect on water resources in many semiarid climates, causing populated areas such as San Diego County (USA), to become more vulnerable to water shortages in the coming decades..."


Projected Exploitable Groundwater Resources in the Dagestan Piedmonts

"...The projected exploitable underground freshwater resources (PEUFR) on the territory of a hydrogeological structure of the third order, a small artesian basin system (SABS), was determined with allowance for the water shortage in the Dagestan piedmonts under the conditions of an acutely arid climatic regime..."


Responses of vegetation yield to precipitation and reference evapotranspiration in a desert steppe in Inner Mongolia, China

"...Drought, which restricts the sustainable development of agriculture, ecological health, and social economy, is affected by a variety of factors..."


China?s sponge cities alleviate urban flooding and water shortage: a review

"...Overall, China's sponge cities appear promising for green urbanization, to relieve cities from water scarcity, devastating floods and urban heat island effects, while restoring the ecological functions and aesthetics of urban natural environments..."


Spatiotemporal trend analysis of groundwater level changes, rainfall, and runoff generated over the Notwane Catchment in Botswa

"...Within the context of increased stormwater runoff generated over the area and the potential for groundwater recharge, this study aims to investigate the relationships between groundwater depths and rainfall amounts and identify their patterns and significance or lack thereof over Botswana?s largest water demand centre that falls within the data-scarce Notwane catchment area (NCA)..."


Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus Pollution Reshaped the Relationship Between Water Supply and Demand in the Huaihe River Wat

"...In this study, based on the potential water supply, the water demand and the Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Tradeoffs (In-VEST) water purification models, we estimated the TN and TP pollution from agricultural fertilizer, livestock and poultry breeding, and rural residents in the Huaihe River watershed and simulated TN and TP impacts on the relationship between water supply and demand..."


Influencing Factors of Water Resources Carrying Capacity: A Case Study of Henan Province, China

"...With the rapid population growth and economic expansion in the current society, water shortages, water ecological imbalance, water environmental damage, and other issues have become important constraints on sustainable development..."


Geochemical Evolution of Spring Water Sources in West Phaileng, Mizoram

"...The hydrogeological strata and the geochemical composition in mountain scale study were conducted, and it was observed that water is young and immature type, and the lower residence time of the water relates with MFR mountain front recharge mechanism being the major portion of groundwater recharge..."


Study on Reservoir Operation Model Based on Ecological Flow Calculation

"...To make the formulation of the ecological release countermeasures of the reservoir adapt to the flood and dry water coming from the river and the ecological flow guarantee objectives of the Ministry of Water Resources, the ecological regulation release countermeasures model of the reservoir is studied..."