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Coverage of water treatment plants since October 17, 2023.

Updates needed on Charlie Lake’s sewer system

"...McElhanney was hired by the Peace River Regional District to evaluate the existing sewer system, collection system, lift station and wastewater treatment plant and draft a capital improvement plan, including recommendations. ..."


Regina taxes on the rise in proposed 2024 city budget

"...According to the city, those changes resulted in the adjusted mill rate increase of 2. 2 per cent included in the proposed budget. Currently, a property valued at $315,000 pays $193..."


Rose Valley treatment plant in West Kelowna now providing clean water

"...“We will wait until everyone is on the new water treatment plant before we celebrate, but this is truly an outstanding announcement. ”Last month, the city announced that the treatment plan would provide clean water in two phases..."


West Toronto residents report raw sewage after boring machine freed

"...The construction in their neighbourhood originally began as a storm sewer project to stop localized basement flooding. That work still has yet to be completed, and residents have been left crying foul and filthy. In a statement, the city says there have been some “recent challenges with the sanitary sewer,” which transports wastewater released from toilets, drains, and sinks to a wastewater treatment plant in the area..."


Propensity for Activism Rises in Some Instances in British Columbia

"...Perceptions are more nuanced on four other establishments that could be located within three blocks of a respondent’s home. Practically half would take no action against a low-income housing project (49%, -9), while fewer feel the same way about a composting site (38%, -5), a homeless shelter (36%, -7) or a sewage or wastewater treatment plant (28%, -3)..."


State of local emergency enacted in Harrison Hot Springs

"...A state of local emergency has been declared in the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, east of Vancouver, as two of three pumps at the community's water treatment plant have failed..."


Fraser Valley septic waste disposal plants reach capacity

"...The City of Chilliwack says over the last two years it has handled a more than 40-per cent increase in trucked liquid waste causing operational disruptions, increased treatment costs and quality issues at the city's wastewater treatment plant. This comes after the treatment plant in Abbotsford stopped accepting waste from anywhere outside Abbotsford and Mission in 2021, leading to more being sent to Chilliwack. James Stiksma, owner of Canadian Septic and a board member of the Western Canadian On-Site Wastewater Management Association of B..."


FireSmart is key to structural protection, Canadian Wildfire Conference

"...As was seen in the McDougall Creek wildfire in West Kelowna when the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant, a $75 million project, was threatened..."


Calgary says drinking water remains safe following sewage discharge upstream

"...Calgary issued a news release on Sunday morning saying it has seen no change in water quality at the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant, but as a precaution, it’s asking people to stay out of the Bow River for the rest of the day..."


Alberta city cancels biological hazard alert that had closed access to Bow River

"...The Alberta emergency alert had been issued at 9:43 p. m. on Saturday, closing access to the Bow River after a sewer line break in Cochrane..."


Finally: Lake Cowichan gets grant for $10.1M water treatment plant upgrade

"...The town first began to look at upgrade requirements at the wastewater treatment plant in 2005..."


Team effort needed to tackle Manitoba lake pollution, experts say

"...More and more blue-green sludge has washed up on the banks of Lake Winnipeg in recent years, threatening the health of both the lake’s aquatic species population and the water supply. Lake Winnipeg’s watershed spans one million square kilometres with various sources polluting it, including contaminants from the Red River, the Saskatchewan River, the Dauphin River, municipal wastewater treatment plants, urban lawns and gardens, and agricultural runoff. Inoka Amarakoon, assistant professor in the department of soil science at the University of Manitoba, said better nutrient management is the only way to control and prevent increased blooms..."


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Jobs in water treatment plants

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Water Treatment Operator - Level IV - District of Peachland (Peachland, BC)

"...Complete water quality testing to ensure processes and finished water is in compliance with local, provincial and federal regulations..."

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Water Treatment Plant Operator - City of Parksville (Parksville, BC)

"...Work involves performing operational and maintenance duties in order to maintain water quality that meets or exceeds all compliance criteria outlined in the City's Operating Permit and Provincial and/or Canadian Drinking Water Legislation and Guidelines. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:..."

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Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator - City of Parksville (Parksville, BC)

"...Five (5) years’ experience in commissioning, operating and troubleshooting a membrane plant including maintenance and repairs on large mechanical equipment; demonstrated experience with computer controlled monitoring systems; and demonstrated supervisory experience. OR an equivalent combination of training and experience..."

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Wastewater Labourer II - District of Sechelt (Sechelt, BC)

"...You must be professional, responsive and possess a positive work attitude; strong mechanical skills; the ability to remain calm in stressful situations; and the ability to communicate effectively and tactfully one-on-one and in a group environment..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about water treatment plants.

Will the Chesapeake Become a Dead Zone?

"...In the 45,000 square mile Chesapeake Bay, the country’s largest estuary, nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater treatment plants, and urban and agricultural run-off is continuously suffocating marine life..."


The case for drinking treated wastewater. (Yes, from the toilet.) | Just Might Work by Freethink

"...In the U. S. , concern over droughts and water pollution have ignited a unique solution for preserving one of our most vital resources — advanced wastewater treatment for human consumption, also known as direct potable reuse..."


The secrets of sewage - What's in our wastewater? | DW Documentary

"...What exactly is in the wastewater? A group of researchers is on its way to Europe's largest wastewater treatment plant to find out..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about water treatment plants relevant to the latest news.

A critical review on emerging contaminants: origin, discernment, and remedies

"...This paper reviews existing research that provides reliable and quantitative information on PhACs, PCPs, and EDCs, and their concentrations in surface water, groundwater, drinking water, and treated wastewater, as well as the removal efficiency of different treatment processes for different emerging pollutants, with a focus on recent studies regarding the fate and behavior of the contaminants in wastewater treatment plants and the environment..."


A Comprehensive Overview of Vital Water Quality Parameters

"...In-place sewage systems, landfill leachate, wastewater treatment plant effluent, leaking sewers, hydraulic fracturing, gas stations, or excessive fertilizer use in agriculture are the usual causes of groundwater adulteration..."


Persistent Organic Pollutants in Sewage Sludge: Occurrence, Temporal Concentration Variation and Risk Assessment for Sewage Slu

"...In this study, the occurrences, temporal concentration variations and ecotoxicological risks were determined for 18 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs); 7 congeners of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and 18 selected organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in the anaerobically digested sewage sludge samples obtained from a conventional wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Konya, Turkey..."


Surfactants: combating the fate, impact, and aftermath of their release in the environment

"...The residual surfactants and their breakdown products are dispersed in the environment predominantly via the disposal of sewage and land application of sewage sludge..."


Towards Valeric Acid Production from Riboflavin-Assisted Waste Sludge: pH-Dependent Fermentation and Microbial Community

"...The fermentative valeric acid production is a carbon-neutral method for the disposal of waste sludge in municipal wastewater treatment plants..."


Riverine antibacterial resistance gradient determined by environmental factors

"...A comparison was made among the sites where isolates began to occur at the upstream (sites 1?6) with the downstream, including site 7 (Qishan town), site 8 (wastewater treatment plant), and site 9 (Kaoping river)..."


Simple and rapid preparation of homemade SPME PDMS fibers and their application to the analysis of personal care products in wa

"...Personal care products (PCPs), substances contained in daily hygiene products, become pollutants after being washed away from the human body due to their poor elimination by wastewater treatment plants..."