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Coverage of wildfire seasons since October 29, 2023.

Edmonton experiencing driest fall on record: Environment Canada

"...Environment Canada says Alberta is experiencing one of the driest seasons on record. Edmonton is also seeing the 14th warmest November in history. “Many cities that we track this for are reporting in the top 10 driest falls on record..."


City of Fort St. John seeking exemption from carbon tax, rental act

"...“We do have people who come here for a short time to ensure that there is safety for those workers on oil patch sites, we do have hotels that are full for non-stop timeframes,” said Bolin, noting that during the wildfire season, the city struggled to find hotel rooms for evacuees.  ..."


Canadian wildfire smoke exposure up 220% over last 2 decades: report

"...Data from the 2023 Report of the Lancet Countdown also showed that from 2018 to 2022, the average Canadian experienced more than two days of exposure to “very high or extremely high wildfire danger” — a 116 per cent increase relative to a 2003-07 historical baseline. That baseline was also used to calculate the wildfire smoke exposure data. The Canadian statistics were published in a policy brief in partnership with organizations like the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) on Wednesday..."


Quebec to improve forest fire adaptation after historic wildfire season

"...Forest Minister Maïté Blanchette Vézina says the province's recent economic update included an additional $16 million for the fire prevention agency. She says the money will go toward the purchase of new equipment, fire prevention initiatives and ways to make communities more resilient to extreme weather events. Rousseau says about 20 of the agency's employees needed to take leave because of the strain from this year's historic wildfire season..."


Northwest Territories head to the polls for wildfire-delayed election

"...The election had been scheduled for Oct. 3, but was delayed because of a wildfire season that saw about 70 per cent of the territory’s population under evacuation order..."


Quebec mayor, 23, shepherded her town through forest fires. Now she's stepping down

"...After leading her small town through a historic and devastating wildfire season, one of Quebec's youngest mayors is taking a step back from politics to take care of herself..."


What is worse than the worst? Some air quality readings in Red Deer last summer

"...The 2023 wildfire season was the most disruptive and alarming in Canada’s recorded history, with evacuations in B. C. , North West Territories, as well as remote communities in northern Alberta..."


Tree planting in the face of wildfires

"...But in the wake of the worst wildfire season on record in Canada, it isn’t as simple as just planting more trees, climate scientists say. In fact, what we’ve been planting and how we’ve been managing our forestry stock have urgent lessons for us to heed. With wildfires igniting a record-breaking 18..."


Alberta continues opposition to national Clean Electricity Regulations

"...“Not only from a carbon emissions perspective, but also renewable sources by definition can be used over and over again, unlike fossil fuels of which have an end life. ”But she acknowledges it will be an expensive transition, something the province has been warning people of in their $8 million cross-country advertising campaign. “That cost is going to be passed down to the consumer in some way,” Simmonds said..."


Alberta wildfire season

"...“The snow melts earlier, the forest can dry out earlier and that lengthens the forest fire season. ”Not only is the trend “concerning,” Gillett said it has real impacts on people’s daily lives. “People have (had) to evacuate their homes or even had homes destroyed..."


Can democracies get a grip on climate change? Takeaways from this year's Stanfield Conversation

"...The headline arrived in early September as the haze finally began to clear on Canada's worst wildfire season on record: a large majority of Canadians are worried about climate change..."


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Recent episodes that mention wildfire seasons.

Crystal Kolden: Prepping For Wildfire Season

Duration: 29:00

"...Source: Sea Change Radio..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about wildfire seasons.

The wildfires that led to mass extinction. A warning from California's Ice Age history

"...Further reading: A changing climate, growing human populations and widespread fires contributed to the last major extinction event − can we prevent another?‘Zombie fires’ in the Arctic: Canada’s extreme wildfire season offers a glimpse of new risks in a warmer, drier futureWhat 2,500 years of wildfire evidence and the extreme fire seasons of 1910 and 2020 tell us about the future of fire in the West ..."


What are Zombie Fires? | The Agenda

"...Wildfire season can lead to a phenomenon known as "zombie fires" or "holdover fires. " Dr..."


Here's what we often get wrong about wildfires

"...The 2020 wildfire season was the worst in California’s recorded history, with more than four million acres burned and almost 10,500 structures destroyed across the state..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about wildfire seasons relevant to the latest news.

Health impact analysis of PM2.5 from wildfire smoke in Canada (2013–2015, 2017–2018)

"...Smoke from wildfires contains many air pollutants of concern and epidemiological studies have identified associations between exposure to wildfire smoke PM2..."


Change in the fire season pattern from bimodal to unimodal under climate change: The case of Daxing'anling in Northeast Chin

"...The length of the wildfire season has become longer in many regions around the world under climate change..."


Evaluating landscape-scale wildfire exposure in northwestern Iran

"...For this purpose, we used the minimum travel time algorithm and simulated 60,000 wildfires under wildfire season most frequent weather scenarios..."


The delayed effect of wildfire season particulate matter on subsequent influenza season in a mountain west region of the USA

"...5) during the wildfire season smoke exposure period on respiratory diseases, such as influenza, and their associated outbreaks months later..."


Black spruce (Picea mariana) seed availability and viability in boreal forests after large wildfires

"...Aims We explore the possible effects of changes in fire regime on the abundance and viability of black spruce seeds following a very large wildfire season in the Northwest Territories, Canada (NWT)..."


Further Resources

Find out more about wildfire seasons.

FireSmoke Canada

The Canadian portal for information and resources about smoke from wildland fires. This system produces forecasts of hourly ground-level concentrations of PM2. 5 smoke particles from wildfires up to two days into the future.